About Our Restaurant

What is Our Restaurant for me?

Anuradha (founder of Kriti Vegetarià):

Our Restaurant has been the manifestation of a long-forgotten dream.. the kind of dream we all dream with big hearts and free minds. When we believe in the possibility of an ideal world where everything good is possible.

I remember sitting in Café 100 in Delhi during our college days with a friend. Eating and drinking merry, discussing our big ideas for the future. At the time, I wanted to have a café which would be a ‘model’ space for sustainable environmental practices and would celebrate relationships. Over the years of work and life, that dream was somewhere buried… Sometimes spoken about amidst laughter with this friend, at how innocent and crazy we used to be.

Until in 2017, I found myself struggling for direction and purpose in Barcelona.. just being ‘as I was ’ was no longer feeling enough. Until this same friend reminded me “What happened to that café dream of yours?” hmmm…?
So here we are at the end of 2019, at the right place and right time, with the right kind of people making this dream into a reality. Some ideas have been put aside for being impractical; some put into practice for their soul, some modified for their risk, let’s see.

As we make this jump into the unknown, with support from those who love us; and our values to guide us; we hope that Kriti would do its part to inspire many to create their dream into reality.

‘Kriti’ literally meaning ‘creation’ in Sanskrit, is our attempt to bring people closer through food, to celebrate and appreciate cultural differences, make space to think and tell stories, to make this world a better place.

‘Kriti’ inspiring people to take action.. small and imperfect, this is our humble way to move towards ‘One world’ and sustainable environment responsibility.

Kriti Restaurant

Food:​ ovo-lacto vegetarian with vegan options.

We are ovo-lacto vegetarian restaurant, serving wholesome and tasty dishes from all over the world.

We have options for gluten-free and non-dairy diets, keeping in mind various food preferences of individuals.
Appreciation of differences in food, tastes, culture and thoughts through special ‘food festivals and sharing of stories’ will be organized.

We operate on the principle of responsible entertainment providing food not only for the stomach but also ‘food for thought’.

We believe that when we eat, we not only take in energy of the food but also the energy of the people we eat with and the environment around.

Thus our food and ambience convey ideas about creating change and creating dreams into reality. The word ‘Kriti’ is a Sanskrit word which literally means creation. The restaurant is our attempt to create our own dreams of ‘One World’ and ‘Sustainable Environment’, and in so doing inspiring many others to take their first step to create the change in their own lives.

Food for thought