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We are an ovo-lacto vegetarian restaurant, serving healthy and tasty dishes from all over the world. Our dishes and menus have options for gluten-free and lactose-free diets, taking into account people’s food preferences.

In our restaurant we offer:

Come and discover the variety of dishes, flavors, culture and thoughts through our “special gastronomic festivals and the exchange of stories”

Our gastronomic offer

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"All our menu is prepared on site"

A different veggie option in the center of Barcelona

The best way to experience our food is to come and visit us. Follow the aromas and choose the most enticing food around Barcelona. We have options for gluten free and non- dairy diets, keeping in mind various food preferences of individuals. 

Appreciation of differences in food, tastes, culture and thoughts through special ‘food festivals and sharing of stories’ will be organized.

We operate on the principle of responsible entertainment providing food not only for the stomach but also ‘food for thought’.

We believe that when we eat, we not only take in energy of the food but also the energy of the people we eat with and the environment around.

This our food and ambience convey ideas about creating change and creating dreams into reality. The word ‘Kriti’ is a Sanskrit word which literally means creation. 

The restaurant is our attempt to create our own dreams of ‘One World’ and ‘Sustainable Environment’, and in so doing inspiring many others to take their first step to create the change in their own lives.

Do you want to discover the Kriti essence?