Our ‘Coffee Chain of gratitude’

They can do so by paying for one or two or more gratitude coffee chain which we would again put on the ‘board’ for all to see.
Coffee Chain of gratitude Kriti restaurant

“When someone is happy in Naples, instead of paying a cup of coffee for himself, he just pays another one for someone else; it’s like offering a cup of coffee to the rest of the world..” This is the essence of coffee chain.

Inspired from the tales of strangers paying for a cup of coffee of the person behind him or her in the queue; and those receiving this ‘gift’ passing on the ‘gratitude’ to the next…thus creating a coffee chain of gratitude.

Customers who receive them are welcome to keep the chain alive if they wish, paying for one or more of these “gratitude coffees” that would go on the table for all to see. The issue of trust is very important to the initiative, as diners trust that the establishment will deliver them to people in street situations or extreme poverty. For this purpose, the establishment must have in front of it a blackboard announcing the paid coffees or dishes and the ones delivered. Each establishment undertakes by signing and displaying the logo as well as a poster explaining the dynamics.

We at Kriti gift our 5 cups of coffee by putting them up on our ‘Coffee chain of gratitude’ board. The customers who receive them are welcome to keep  this chain alive if they desire. They can do so by paying for one or more ‘gratitude coffees’ which we would again put on the ‘board’ for all to see. Any customer who enters during the evenings (16.00 to 19.30) for coffee, he or she would get it as a ‘gift’ if available on the board. It will be up to that customer if he or she would like to then pass on another cup of gratitude to someone else.
As Donna A. Favors said,

“It’s amazing how the world begins to change through the eyes of a cup of coffee!!”


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