Originally from Russia, her life has all been about ‘movement’… physical, mental and spiritual. She boldly
decided to leave her 5 years career as a Financial Analyst in USA in her search for a method of self
realization, which she eventually found through ‘Jivamukti Yoga.’ “I dedicated myself to learning
traditional yoga. Not just the physical part of it. I found that it’s all there tested by time.“

So how was transition from US to Barcelona? A new city, new culture, new project!
I moved here when I was pregnant and because my daughter’s father was here in Barcelona. So it wasn’t
a planned project. But it was like meant to be. I had to find my own place and group to teach in English. I
made my own website and started promoting on meetup.com. Initially we used to have the classes in a
park. And little by little people started coming.

“It was the only thing that I really wanted to do. It was my passion and I had no doubts!

What kept you going?
There was no choice. It was the only thing that I really wanted to do. It was my passion and I had no
doubts! I was totally dedicated to the method, the practice and the message that I wanted to spread.

How are your classes different?
A big portion of our class is asana. Setting up of intention, chanting of Sanskrit mantra, breathing, meditation and the asana; all create a sense of peace that comes from within. We guide to take actions not out of habit but more from a place of peace and harmony, sensing the interconnection between all of us. We start moving from blaming others for our unhappiness to looking at “Why do I have this reaction?”

What has your experience with ‘change’ been?

When you are going through change and you feel like you need to make a decision, the mind can be tricky.

Before I decided to study MBA my heart felt that I would really like to study Philosophy. But I decided to go for MBA because I thought that would make me more economically stable and provide a better career. Later I thought that I had wasted 2 or 3 years of my life. But actually, it all worked out because then I was able to save money and actually do what I truly wanted to do! Also if I had not done it, I would have always thought “What if?

” Ram Dass* says, “In the time of change quieten your mind, listen to your heart and do your best.” I
have had nothing and started from zero 3 times in my life. I have always asked myself “What could be
the worst?”

There was just a trust in life that everything is going to be fine. As long as you are acting in accordance
with your values and are good with people. What you share with others, that energy attracts the same
vibration into your life. Live in the present moment. Only then will you be able to respond to the present
circumstances more accurately.

Studio’s webpage: www.jivamuktiyogabarcelona.com

Instagram: @jivamuktiyogabarcelona

Facebook: @jivamuktiyogabarcelona

*asana- ‘seat’ in Sanskrit, applies to connection between ourselves and Mother Earth

**Ram Dass- one of the pioneers of modern spiritual movement

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