“No matter how many hours in a day I work, how many different Marketing strategies I try, and how much I post on social media – I still struggle to find new customers for my business!”

Everyone knows that finding and retaining new customers would be one of the biggest challenges of starting one’s own business. But probably no one – not even you – thought that it would be THIS hard!

If this is how you feel, we would love to help! The first step to finding new clients with less effort is GETTING TO KNOW THEM!

And this is precisely what we invite you to do during our Co-Creation mini-workshop on Valentine’s Day! In 2 hours, we will give you a 101 guide on how to make your clients fall in love with your business!

Make your clients fall in love with your business... A Training in Marketing
Make your clients fall in love with your business… A Training in Marketing

This workshop is for people who have very basic marketing knowledge (knowledge about digital media, platforms, CMS, social media, content distribution, network operation most popular social networks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, basic web and social media metrics, content sponsored on social platforms) And who seek to deepen their skills to develop in digital environments.

The objective of this Marketing workshop will be to acquire knowledge to understand and analyze the different digital environments focused on entrepreneurship.

Marketing strategy goes beyond the social platforms with which we interact on a daily basis. Marketing Digital is a wide world of knowledge that is part of a strategy and that we can manage in different digital environments, from the media, agencies and companies, to our personal ventures.

Apply these skills in the management and development of various content strategies, audiences. We will mix theoretical contents with real cases and practical sessions where you can develop various topics on par with our collaborators.

Your participation is key to benefit the discussion and a better understanding of the situations raised.

Join Laura and Eva in their much awaited workshop.

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