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Hi, I’m Anuradha, owner of the Kriti Restaurant of the Passatge de Sert nº6. I began to wonder who my neighbors are and what made them come to this wonderful corner that I am in love with.For this reason, I had the idea to start a project: to compile a series of stories about people and businesses that we live together in our neighborhood.

The goal is to get to know each other a little more and to show where we live and work: the people, our stories, dreams, aspirations …

A creative journey with our neighbors

At Kriti, we operate on the principle of responsible entertainment providing food not only  for the stomach but also ‘food for thought’. We believe that when we eat, we not only take in energy of the food but also the energy of the people we eat with and the environment around.

Anu, the inspiration of change

Thus our food and ambience convey ideas about creating change and creating  dreams into reality. The word ‘Kriti’ is a Sanskrit word which literally means creation. The restaurant is our attempt to create our own dreams of ‘One World’ and ‘Sustainable Environment’; and in so doing inspiring many others to take their first step to create the change in their own lives.

anu kriti interview

‘Kriti’, inspiring people to take action.. small and imperfect. This series of conversations is our humble attempt to learn from the creative journey of our neighbours.

We all have something to teach and share, and at the same time there is space to grow and learn from each other.

We hope that these conversations would help to bring you some answers, motivating you forward in your own journeys… one step at a time.

For this reason, I would love to meet you and learn about the journey that brought you here.

Contact me to say hello and learn more about how you can participate!

You sign up?

Anu, owner Kriti Restaurant

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