News and Events

Welcome to our Blog. Here we bring you the latest news and events that we will carry out on our premises, as well as information and events. You will also find some small posts about reflections on life and emotional coaching. Our food and atmosphere convey ideas on how to create change and make dreams come true. In our Blog you will also find different events that we organize in our restaurant. As our motto says: «We not only feed our body, but our soul and our mind».

Do you want to know more information about our initiatives?

Welcome to our Blog!

We carry out entrepreneurial events, small workshops for women who want to carry out business projects. We also organize a series of events to enhance both personal brand and company thanks to digital marketing. These workshops are carried out with a limited capacity and we include a small catering and drinks so that you are as comfortable as possible.

We host regular events and meetings like the Planet Venus Coffee Morning: a community dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs who want to build a successful business. With access to relevant information on how to start a successful business, further develop your leadership skills and keep up to date with the latest trends, laws and regulations. A network of peers and experts for support and inspiration!

You can also find different initiatives that we are introducing in Kriti, such as our Coffee gratitude chain, any customer can pay for their coffee plus an extra one for the next person who can order for one free and thus helping people in situation of poverty.

Another one of our initiatives is KM 0 water. Our intention is to promote a ‘water friendly’ practice, bringing it free to your table. We offer filtered and re-mineralized water.