As a business owner, do you feel you are at a crossroad in the ‘suddenly’ changing world? That it’s a long hard road to success?

The need of the hour is to change, quickly learn and adapt to new practices and models that best serve our customer, keeping in mind the costs and revenues; not to mention the still unclear rules and regulations governing our sector.

So how do we make this ‘unfamiliar world’ familiar?How do we rewire ourselves towards Success?

Rewire yourself to ‘Success’ during change
Rewire yourself to ‘Success’ during change

These are uncertain times where everything we have taken for granted has seemed to have changed. Just breathing in open air and walking on the street feels like ‘freedom.’ Many of us are still weary and are still thinking twice about accessing this ‘freedom.’ I still haven’t gotten used to the long disinfection process I have to undertake every time I reenter my home, let alone my workplace. These are some small changes which are daunting, and we all need to make that extra effort to make them ‘familiar.’

With this ‘unfamiliar’ way of life, thinking of reopening my restaurant fills me with fear.

How will we take orders? How can we ensure safety for everyone? What extra expenditures are involved? How many people will want to eat in the restaurant? How do we organize deliveries? Will we survive this? How do I take care of my daughter when she will be at home? What will be allowed in 2 weeks.. 1 month.. 2 months? What will still not be allowed?

And in the midst of all this, I came across a talk by Marisa Peers, therapist and behavioral expert . She said the only difference between those who are highly successful and those who are not is that, the former “do it any way.” And what are the practices we need to adopt to “do it anyway?”

If this feels ‘insincere’ or ‘untruthful’ in some way, the best way forward is to start with gratitude. A simple ‘thank you’ for who you are right now. A smile for what you have and a pat on your back for your journey that has brought you here. “I am grateful as I am enough…”

A simple ‘thank you’ for success
A simple ‘thank you’ for who you are right now.

Ask yourself “What habit/ belief system/ thought process no longer serves me to take this action?” “How do I let it go?” “What is the new habit/ belief system or thought process that I need to adopt, to be able to take this action every day?” “How do I welcome this into my life?”

 Keeping in sight the larger goal is the only motivator during this time. So, make sure that your ‘Why’ for doing this is very big. Ask yourself “Why do I want this?” “What part of me will be expressed or realized through this success?” “Is the goal in alignment with my values?” “Who else will benefit when this dream is realized?” When the reason for the end goal is clear and dear, it becomes the fuel to take on all the boring and scary tasks on the way.

Goal is clear
When the reason for the end goal is clear and dear, it becomes the fuel to take on all the boring and scary tasks on the way.

And this is linked to saying “No” to all things not so important or that take away from who you are and where you are going. And it is also linked to saying “Yes” to some self-pampering and self-care. Because every effort deserves a reward. So be kind to yourself and give yourself permission to laugh and get comfort in small ways. But the key is to delay the gratification. Postpone the pleasure a bit. Make the ‘unfamiliar’- familiar first. But also keep in mind that sometimes the unfamiliar which needs to become familiar is ‘taking gentle care of yourself.’

Ask yourself “What is bigger- your reason for the goal or your fear of rejection?”

 So, choose to feel excited and make the ‘unfamiliar’- familiar. If this time feels hard today; it is the right moment of opportunity; the right place to ‘be’ for personal and professional success.

Hard, scary, unfamiliar, or uncomfortable… the highly successful people choose to “Do it any way…”

“What is more important to you- Your love for your dream or your dislike to make that change?”

Anuradha Dalmia

Owner Kriti Restaurant

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