We bring people closer through food, to celebrate and appreciate cultural differences.
A place to think and tell stories, to make this world a better place.
Welcome to Kriti Restaurant

Our Food

We are ovo-lacto vegetarian restaurant, serving wholesome and tasty dishes
from all over the world.

In Kriti Restaurant we have options for gluten free and non-dairy diets, keeping in mind various food preferences of individuals.

Our Water Policy

“Let’s respect it, and avoid wasting it!”
In our attempt to adopt more ecofriendly and sustainable practices in the restaurant, we bring to you ‘Kriti’ water bottled in our own glass bottles. We assure you of the very good quality of this water which goes through various filtration processes, after which magnesium and potassium are re added to it. If you would like more information on this, you could contact Agua Km0, our supplier.

Coffee Chain of gratitude

“When someone is happy in Naples, instead of paying a cup of coffee for himself, he just pays another one for someone else; it’s like offering a cup of coffee to the rest of the world…”

Inspired from the tales of strangers paying for a cup of coffee of the person behind him or her in the queue, and those receiving this ‘gift’ passing on the ‘gratitude’ to the next…thus creating a coffee chain of gratitude.

We at Kriti Restaurant gift our 5 cups of coffee by putting them up on our ‘Coffee chain of gratitude’ board. The customers who receive them are welcome to keep this chain alive if they desire. They can do so by paying for one or more ‘gratitude coffees’ which we would again put on the ‘board’ for all to see.

  • Fancy vegan food! Yay!

    thumb Jonathan Brozdowski

    Very tasty! Made with love and an incredible price-value

    thumb Pia Bregulla
  • A lovely place for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and even events. I came a few times already, and food was amazing and the events great, space and vibes. And the... ...

    thumb Laura Moreno

    a lovely place, the location is amazing, I love this little street and the inspiring sentences on the wall are truly inspiring:-)

    thumb Miry Ko
  • Quise llevar a mis padres a un vegetariano, ellos aunque no se quejan,son las personas mas exigentes de mundo en cuanto a gastronomía. Salimos encantados, las chicas que... ...

    thumb Lorea Arrizabalaga


Kriti is not only a restaurant, it is also a space where you can enjoy the best moments in company. If you want to organize an event for groups, meetings, celebrations or networking, we take care of everything: Catering, drinks, schedules, etc.

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Our menu

The best way to experience our food is to come and visit us. Follow the aromas and choose the most enticing food around Barcelona.